Yo soy... La pregunta por el Ser es acaso la mas difícil de responder. En occidente, le estamos dando vueltas desde hace unos 2.500 años, cuando los griegos dieron mal primera patada.

San Telmo, Argentina. 1984

Ezequiel Martinez Llaser was born in Argentina in 1981. A time when his country
regained hope in a restored democracy. Since his early childhood, Ezequiel has seeked
different media to convey ideas that preoccupied him. At first, he found a way to express
himself in music and poetry.
Through the 90’s, a certain social and cultural disappointment led to the elaboration of darker texts. With the help of relatives working in the philosophical realm, Ezequiel got interested in deconstructing reality and the values that dominated this backward society. At the age of 19,he was blessed to discover the book “Rebellion of the masses” by the philosopher Ortega y Gasset, that definitely plunged him into philosophical thinking. Ezequiel decided to study Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires, and wrote multiple, and gradually more complex essays.

Galeria Azur, Madrid. 2021

From a photographers’ family, he was everytime more attracted to visual arts. This is why in
2014 he started to study painting with the artist Sabino Sachamonte.
In 2017 he moved to Paris to expand his study of Philosophy and Arts, at Paris 8 University.
In 2018, Ezequiel traveled to the city of Come, Italy where he isolated himself in the
mountains for 6 months, producing a series of paintings named “Fragmentation and
Totality”. These paintings are the result of a maturation process, from multiple ideas, based
mainly on concepts from Hegel, David Bohm and Henri Bergson. Of a surrealistic style, his
large format oil paintings display the esthetical influence of Dali and Magritte, as well as
some French paintings from the 19th century.
In 2019, Ezequiel definitely settled down in Paris where he exhibited his latest series at Sonia Monti’s Gallery, in Paris’ 8th arrondissement.
In 2021, he is represented by Azur Gallery in Madrid, where he presents his series
“Fragmentation et Totalité” until March 1st.
In March 2021 he exhibited in the 6B Space in Paris.
In July 2021 his painting “La Pêche du concept cassé » is exhibited in the Gallery Art’Course
of Strasbourg.
In October 2021 he will present the first painting of its new series “Of Will and Chaos” at the
13th Florence Biennale.

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