La généalogie de la morale fragmentée

Oil on canvas. 116 x 89 cm. 2020

“The Genealogy of Fragmented Morality” is an oil on canvas measuring 116 x 89 cm. It was created
during the confinement caused by the 2020 epidemic in a studio in the old Montmartre district of
Paris, France.
Ezequiel combines two moments of the Christian narrative, opposite in aesthetics: the genesis and
the crucifixion. One obscure, and the other vivid. Two opposites of the same Totality. The Origin of
life, and death.

For this, he appropriated the painting of Velázquez, «Christ Crucified», in which the face of Jesus was
half covered by his hair.
Ezequiel extends the work of the Spanish artist by pixelating this face. Thus, the perception, the
fragmentation of reality, the creation in relation to ownership, come into conceptual play for the
spectator’s reflection.

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