L’appel de Dionysos

“The Call of Dionysus” is an oil on wood of 125 x 203 cm, made during the Parisian confinement of
This work represents the call of the God Dionysus. God that the philosopher Nietzsche chose to
illustrate the dialectical dichotomy of history, and who, in opposition to the god Apollo (symbol of
the reason), represents the terrestrial, feelings, life itself, thus becoming a standard of vitalism.
Vitalism, which tries to remedy the evil caused by rationalism, symbolized by Apollo, according to the
Prussian philosopher.
Apollo (or the idea of the beauty) can evoke the platonic dualism, the «beyond», which, followed by
the Logic of Aristotle and the Cartesian analytics, fragmented the reality in Occident.
This fragmentation of reality is, according to the artist, the main cause of the crisis of truth that we
suffer today.
Hence The Call of Dionysus, or let’s say, The Call of Mother Nature, to bring our attention back from
the «ultra-world» to our own, and especially to our bodies; the intensity of his gaze as a wake-up call.
God personalized to our image and similar to a baby in transition to childhood.
Materialism? Idealism? It does not matter! They are the languages of a Totality which imposes itself.

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