L’héritage occidental

Oil on canvas. 150 x 100 cm. 2018

«The Western Legacy» is an oil on canvas measuring 150 x 100 cm. It was created during the winter of
2018, when the artist, suffering from depression, carried out a semester of isolation and
introspection in one of the mountains rising from the shores of Lake Como, in northern Lombardy,
Italy. The result is this dark and lonely aesthetic.
It is an appropriation of the painting «The Son of Man» by Magritte (a Belgian surrealist who also
worked by appropriating Hegel’s concepts), which reflects on the question of the perception of the
«original» work, a theme that attracted Ezequiel when he studied Bergson.
Magritte’s painting, famous for covering the character’s face with an apple, is here pixelated on the
same area of the face, «doubling the bet».
It invites us to reflect on the perception of reality, and on the question of creation in relation to

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